The site of the Embassy of Portugal in Madrid is at the service of all, endeavouring to offer useful and updated information on the different facets of the relations between Portugal and Spain and on the support we provide in economic, consular and cultural matters and in tourism. This tool is particularly valuable when faced with the richness and diversity of the ties that bring closer together the two countries, their citizens and those who visit us. It is a unique relationship, built on a shared past and a future for which we work together in multiple areas and, of course, for the benefit of both states.

And so the site in reality belongs to you, the people who use it. We hope to receive your contributions, suggestions and ideas to help us fulfil our mission – to represent and promote Portugal in Spain, fostering exchanges between the two countries, and to help our fellow citizens who are in Spain, permanently or just visiting.

We have a vibrant, motivated community which is well integrated into Spanish society. It requires -justifiably– an ever-improving level of support and service from its embassy.

It is to match such expectations we work every day. Our doors are open and I would encourage you to view this site as a meeting point and a tool for promoting new projects and initiatives.

João Mira-Gomes

Ambassador of Portugal in Madrid

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